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Re: powerpc ready for freeze?

>The binary-powerpc tree is about to freeze for the first time.  There's
>no way back from that!  Is powerpc ready for release?  Does it have
>working installation disks?

I am in the process of installing on a PB3400 and I have found the
following problems:

Basic install with dbootstrap:
* when I select any macintosh keyboard there is a "keymap invalid" error.
Still, the keyboard works after, so I skipped this step.

* this problem comes back later when I try to install console-data, at the
configuration step I get:
"Please report this bug: no valid keymap define for architecture powerpc in
/var/lib/dpkg/info/console-data.config line 307"

In general, I think debian is quite poor in keymaps for the mac hardware.
I'm trying to generate a series of keymaps based on the MacOS 8.5
resources, but I have little time to do a complete table-translation for
all the international versions, although this could be automated. The
resource formats are nicely documented.
Also, I'm still trying to find out what the meaning is of the various
lay-out definitions in X. Does anybody have a pointer to doc about that? I
understand from an earlier thread that X gets raw keycodes if xkb is not
used. It's quite a messy matter, that.

Further points:

* blender (recent version, I tried again yesterday) does not configure
after install, some post-installation script barfs. I also cannot remove it
now, because some post-deinstallation script barfs as well :-(

* The problem that the kernel on the boot-disks does not fit with the
modules was not yet resolved last week. Please make something consistent
there, so also PCMCIA could work (I have a PCMCIA modem, I only could

* Some X servers other than the fbdev would be nice, for accellerated X.
And what about Xpmac (is accellerated for my PB3400, don't know if
XF86-SVGA would be).


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