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Can't install communicator 4.6 (any more) or 4.7 yet?

Well, I screwed up, I had netscape communicator 4.6 running fine, but I removed libstdc++2.9 (when dselect said it was obsolete) along with the communicator 4.6 packages that depended on it, expecting that I could install communicator 4.7 to replace it. Unfortunately, I discovered that the communicator-smotif-47 and netscape-smotif-47 packages don't seem to be available yet for potato/powerpc.

Does anybody know what's up with the communicator-smotif-47 package (I assume the autobuilder is failing on it)?

Alternatively, can anyone tell me where I can get libstdc++2.9, so that I can install the communicator 4.6 packages again?

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