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Re: Xpmac

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> But going back to 8 bpp, 1152x864-75 is beautiful!  Well, with one exception.
> Dragging a window in E leaves a trail of cursors.  As this doesn't happen on any
> other X server I've tried, nor in Xfb-offb (on the unsupported MacPicasso with
> the jacked-up color map) or Xfb-cyber2000fb, I'm pretty sure it is an atyfb bug.

More on this problem, I think it is a redraw issue.  If a gnome-terminal window is
partially obscured, and it changes (e.g. by scrolling), and the obscuring window is
removed, the changes to the underlying window are not made.

Another example: setting mime types in Netscape, when I use the file choice dialog
to select a program, the chosen filename is not shown in the text entry box because
it was drawn under the file choice dialog window before it was closed, and then not
refreshed.  Hitting delete causes the whole entry to be redrawn, so I can see the
filename chosen.

My guess is that the trail of cursors mentioned above has a similar cause: the root
window might not be correctly redrawn during a window drag under some
circumstances.  But I've never seen a trail of window edges.

This is a really tiny problem, but an aesthetic flaw nonetheless, which I've never
seen on any other X server, including other Xfbs.  Thanks again for the help, this
is 10,000% better than unsupported 640x480 offb on the MacPicasso with psychedelic

(Looking forward to a working 2.3 with clgenfb...)

-Adam P.

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