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Re: Xpmac

Michel Ddnzer wrote:

> --- Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@mit.edu> wrote:
> > This evening I noticed something new: some of the text seemed to be
> > rendering on
> > the whice screen!  Indeed, there was just enough to sort of navigate
> > through the
> > GNOME foot menu and log out, though not completely (had to
> > ctrl-alt-backspace
> > after a while).  And there was a little bit of the E brushedmetal theme
> > texture
> > visible on the background, so no longer just a blank white screen- though
> > not much
> > better. :-)
> Have you tried it in other depths than 8 bpp?

Okay, I feel silly.  I had only tried it booting into mac mode 18 (1152x870-70),
which isn't even in fb.modes.  My XF86Config was very short and only had the
default mode.  This much is broken as described.

So I tried 640x480-several at 16bpp, and it is pretty hosed.  Both on the
console and in X, it seems a bunch of columns are swapped with their neighbors.

But going back to 8 bpp, 1152x864-75 is beautiful!  Well, with one exception.
Dragging a window in E leaves a trail of cursors.  As this doesn't happen on any
other X server I've tried, nor in Xfb-offb (on the unsupported MacPicasso with
the jacked-up color map) or Xfb-cyber2000fb, I'm pretty sure it is an atyfb bug.

But it's relatively minor.  Thanks for the suggestion, now at least I have
something nice to look at!


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