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Re: The new Debian distribution

On Sat, Dec 18, 1999 at 11:27:10PM +0100, Björn Johansson wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm waiting for the new Debian distribution to arrive. What major things
> haveto be fixed before this new distribution becomes available? If I had a
> fast internet-connection I would of course download the existing "potato"
> version but since that's not the case, I'll haveto wait... Has anyone tried
> Debian on a powerpc equipped Amiga running AGA? Let's hope I don't haveto
> do that, I'm still waiting for my CybervisionPPC. Is there any problems with
> the AGA support? Since I don't know anyone which is running DebianPPC
> on an Amiga I sure could appreciate some facts concerning stability and so
> on, good links would also be nice :).

It works nice, there was some problem with the Xserver some time ago, but it
was fixed.

I run debian for days, do large compiles, and other such things, and the only
problems i encoutered so far, where hardware problems. (like shortcutting the
VGA connector form my BVision).

AGA works also, but with a 31Khz monitor you can only get upto 640x480x8. not
very nice because some programs need more space.

But will do until you get your Cybervision.

Also notice that other AMiga graphic boards are supported also, and should
give you a nicer display than plain AGA.

> I'm not even 100% sure that DebianPPC is the best choice. Maybe LinuxPPC is
> a better choice? but it seems like there's not many Amiga users which are
> using LinuxPPC. I managed to find, one...

One of the major advantage (amiga related) is that some amiga users are also
debian maintainer, and we use it. (thats my case and michels,
there are others too), and so more amiga stuff get incorporated into debian
than into linuxppc, altough they are sending jesper some CDs of their new
distrib i heard. For example there was never the xpmac problem on debian,
since debian/ppc use fbdev only. Also most amiga keymaps are included in the
kbd package, and i am working on official boot-floppies for apus and the next



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