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The new Debian distribution


I'm waiting for the new Debian distribution to arrive. What major things
haveto be fixed before this new distribution becomes available? If I had a
fast internet-connection I would of course download the existing "potato"
version but since that's not the case, I'll haveto wait... Has anyone tried
Debian on a powerpc equipped Amiga running AGA? Let's hope I don't haveto
do that, I'm still waiting for my CybervisionPPC. Is there any problems with
the AGA support? Since I don't know anyone which is running DebianPPC
on an Amiga I sure could appreciate some facts concerning stability and so
on, good links would also be nice :).

I'm not even 100% sure that DebianPPC is the best choice. Maybe LinuxPPC is
a better choice? but it seems like there's not many Amiga users which are
using LinuxPPC. I managed to find, one...

MVH  Björn "Bear" Johansson "Free software is the future - shareware is not"


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