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Re: The new Debian distribution

On Dec 18, Björn Johansson wrote:
> I'm waiting for the new Debian distribution to arrive. What major things
> haveto be fixed before this new distribution becomes available? If I had a
> fast internet-connection I would of course download the existing "potato"
> version but since that's not the case, I'll haveto wait... Has anyone tried
> Debian on a powerpc equipped Amiga running AGA? Let's hope I don't haveto
> do that, I'm still waiting for my CybervisionPPC. Is there any problems with
> the AGA support? Since I don't know anyone which is running DebianPPC
> on an Amiga I sure could appreciate some facts concerning stability and so
> on, good links would also be nice :).

Debian does run on Amigas running under Linux/APUS.  I think Jesper
Skov's Doc'n'FAQ includes information about what you need to get
potato (2.2) for PPC running on an Amiga.  It will run OK with either
the AGA chipset or on a Cybervision PPC.

Debian itself is fairly stable... the stability problems are normally
due to the Linux/APUS kernel not being 100% (and at least some of that
is due to the 2.3 kernels it's based on being highly flaky as well).

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