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Re: Xpmac

"Michel Dänzer" wrote:
--- FASSINO Jean-Philippe <jeanphilippe.fassino@cnet.francetelecom.fr> wrote:
> > Does someone plain to add the Xpmac server in debian-powerPC ??
> >
> > I doubt it, since that was a somewhat nonstandard server (requires it's
> own
> > kernel config option). Why do you want it? Why not just use XF86_FBDev?
> Because, i want to connect a external monitor on my PB !
> It's work with the Xpmac but not with FBDev.

FBDev needs an appropriate Framebuffer device to work. Is there none which
supports the external monitor?

I dont know !
But effectively the probleme comes from the kernel beause the display is bad too in
console mode when i use a external monitor.
It is not a FBDev probleme !

I think the frame-buffer (atyfb) kernel does not run with a external monitor.
Because in MacOS, when bouting the display change in dual screen (LCD + monitor).
When booting linux with BootX, the FB does not reconize the dual screen.
It does not use it and does not change to mono screen. Then the display is bad!

Is there are a solution for that  ?


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