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Re: Debian for PPC problems

porridge@pandora.info.bielsko.pl said:
> Hi I just want to know if anyone experiences such unpleasant problems
> as I do. If so, then please let me know that i'm not alone :-)

> 1. My APT is useless - it thinks every package it fetches is corrupted
> (md5sum), but I checked it, and everyone is OK

APT got broken a little bit ago (a week maybe?). 0.3.15 will fix this when it 
appears (patch is in the CVS), though it would be nice if someone could patch 
this into (or some such) and get it in if 0.3.15 is not imminent.

> 2. When telnetting to the mac-linux box i experience frequent shell
> hangs. Simply the screen halts and I can do nothing - sometimes only
> KILL -9 for both telnet and telnetd helps. And yes, i tried CTRL-Q

Hmm... Can't help here, telnet works fine.

> 3. Something strange seems to be happening to network connections.
> Namely when I try to upload/download a file which is more than a
> single KB big from/to a box standing just a meter away (via FTP), the
> system refuses to transfer it. The same for mail. The strangest thing
> about it is that packages (from ftp.de.debian.org) are downloaded just
> fine now! (They used to get stuck just 2 months ago, then after some
> upgrade I was able to use APT with no problems and now APT does not
> work again - though in some different way :-)

Ditto the above - what ethenet hardware?

> 4. ircd is useless it segfaults/coredumps when more than one person
> joins a channel - i even tried building it from deb's source - no
> improvement

Have you checked the bug tracking system for ircd? if there isn't anything, 
file this (after you've got your network reliable).

> regards Marcin 

Welcome to debian unstable. Packages do get broken...

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