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Re: Big drives

Dan Green wrote:
> Hello there,
>         We have a 37 gig drive in an Apple Blue and White (first generation)
> G3. All seems to work fine, and it detects the drive properly, and the mkfs
> runs without incident. However, when I try and mount it, I get a couple hundred
> errors stating that the actual block size in an inode group is smaller than
> the listed size. When I try and do something *really* stupid like copy data
> to it, I get a couple hundred of these:
> EXT2-fs error (device ide0(3,68)): ext2_add_entry: bad entry in directory #41451
> 53: inode out of bounds - offset=0, inode=8339457, rec_len=12, name_len=1
> No big surprise. It makes sense that I would get this message, given the
> errors I got while making the filesystem. But are there any known problems
> with large drives on the ppc kernel?

i'm more inclined to believe this is an error with ide before the
kernel. why? because ide wasn't meant to do 37G. hell. we're still using
basically the same crap we were in '91. yeah, there's been a buttload of
improvements, but it's still the same basic design principles. i'd
suggest ripping the box apart, taking out that drive, and trying to find
it's cylinder limitation jumper, assuming it has one. if that jumper's
on, well, dunno what to tell you. if it's off, set it and give it a
shot. worth a try.


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