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Big drives

Hello there,
	We have a 37 gig drive in an Apple Blue and White (first generation)
G3. All seems to work fine, and it detects the drive properly, and the mkfs
runs without incident. However, when I try and mount it, I get a couple hundred
errors stating that the actual block size in an inode group is smaller than
the listed size. When I try and do something *really* stupid like copy data
to it, I get a couple hundred of these:

EXT2-fs error (device ide0(3,68)): ext2_add_entry: bad entry in directory #41451
53: inode out of bounds - offset=0, inode=8339457, rec_len=12, name_len=1

No big surprise. It makes sense that I would get this message, given the
errors I got while making the filesystem. But are there any known problems
with large drives on the ppc kernel?

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