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Re: slang1 (<< 1.3) weirdness

On Mon, Dec 06, 1999 at 09:43:58PM -0800, Nathan Olsen wrote:
> Um, a bug report? Let's keep this in perspective. Potato is the *unstable*
> Debian tree (use at your own risk, etc.). From what I can tell, the
> volunteers on the PowerPC team are doing a phenomenal job.

Well, -someone- has to report the bug, else how will it get fixed?

Don't confuse "bug report" with "complaint".  We all understand the
Debian folks have been doing a smashing job and while I don't have the
time (or the expertise) to be a Debian maintainer, the least I can do
is inform them of problems I run into so they can nail them
eventually.  Especially for the unstable distribution.  That's part of
the reason Debian has an unstable dist... to find bugs.

Bug reports are a Good Thing.  The bug that is never found is the bug
that is never fixed.


Michael G Schwern                                           schwern@pobox.com

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