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Re: what about cdrecord ?

>>>>> "Fred" == Fred Heitkamp <heitkamp@attglobal.net> writes:

Fred> On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Jared wrote:
>> quango@watervalley.net writes: > > Reliable CD recording is
>> something of a black art.  8X recording on my

Fred> It is not "black art".  On PC Linux I've not had *one* hickup
Fred> burning CDs.  In fact I've got somewhat over confident in that I
Fred> can do many other things on the system while the CD is burning.
Fred> Admittedly I only have a 4X burner, but I also have two
Fred> hardrives, another CD ROM and two tape drives on the same
Fred> bus. And to top it off my PC is only a 200MMX Pentium.

Fred> The fact is, there is something very wrong with the SCSI either
Fred> on the Amiga, or something related in the APUS kernel.  People
Fred> have complained about terminators and so forth.  I use the same
Fred> kind of cables and even junkier terminators (non-active) on the
Fred> PC with no problems.

Fred> I'm not trying to start a flame war, I wish I could find the key
Fred> as to what is wrong.  I think it is something related to memory
Fred> or disk cache.  I can reliably and repeatedly copy a few tens of
Fred> MB at a time off my SCSI CDROM on my Amiga, but as soon as try
Fred> something more stressful, like a whole directory of large files,
Fred> I get a hard lockup. i.e. the system just stops dead.  If I stay
Fred> away from using SCSI at all, the systems stays up for as long as
Fred> I've left it on.  I can copy over my "network", compile programs
Fred> etc. all day long.

Ever look at the logging code I started to add? Might give you a hint
as to where the problem is.


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