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Re: what about cdrecord ?

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Jared wrote:

> quango@watervalley.net writes:
> >
> > Reliable CD recording is something of a black art.  8X recording on my

It is not "black art".  On PC Linux I've not had *one* hickup burning CDs.
In fact I've got somewhat over confident in that I can do many other
things on the system while the CD is burning.  Admittedly I only have a 4X
burner, but I also have two hardrives, another CD ROM and two tape drives
on the same bus. And to top it off my PC is only a 200MMX Pentium.

The fact is, there is something very wrong with the SCSI either on the 
Amiga, or something related in the APUS kernel.  People have complained
about terminators and so forth.  I use the same kind of cables and even
junkier terminators (non-active) on the PC with no problems.

I'm not trying to start a flame war, I wish I could find the key as to
what is wrong.  I think it is something related to memory or disk cache.
I can reliably and repeatedly copy a few tens of MB at a time off my SCSI
CDROM on my Amiga, but as soon as try something more stressful, like a
whole directory of large files, I get a hard lockup. i.e. the system just
stops dead.  If I stay away from using SCSI at all, the systems stays up
for as long as I've left it on.  I can copy over my "network", compile
programs etc. all day long.


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