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Re: specific to Hartmut Kuptein

>>>>> "Phillip" == Phillip R Jaenke <prj@mokole.nexbell.com> writes:

    Phillip> On Tue, Aug 24, 1999 at 05:12:38PM +0200, Adrian Phillips
    Phillip> wrote:
    >> This is off the top of my head (but reasonably reliable
    >> :-). The 40P is a 66MHz 601 based PowerPC, PCI/ISA bus, single
    >> processor only model. It was the first of the PCI PowerPC
    >> workstations released I believe (43P came out some months
    >> afterwards) - because of the 601 its rather slow (in comparison
    >> to the 604 based machines that came out soon after).

    Phillip> I'll buy that, since upon closer inspection, the 'P'
    Phillip> seems to typically indicate that it's a PCI bus system
    Phillip> from further investigation. Still haven't found any full
    Phillip> specs on it. Question remains, is the 601 gonna work? If
    Phillip> the 601 is byte-for-byte assembly compatible with 603,
    Phillip> I'd say definitely, but the 601 predates the 603, which
    Phillip> leads me to believe that there may be 603 instructions
    Phillip> that aren't on the 601. Somebody have a 601 or specs so
    Phillip> they can check into this?

Again off the top of my head; the 601 was a PowerPC/POWER mixture - it
allowed AIX binaries to be taken from a POWER machine to the 601
machine and be run without recompiling. Now, there is a "common mode"
compile option still under AIX xlc but without checking the manuals I
can't say for sure how it handles the differences between the newer
PowerPC and older POWER chips (if at all).

I know for a fact that the "standard" info (AIX info) libraries don't
have specific information about the processor instructions although
the xlc manuals may have more info on this.



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