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Re: specific to Hartmut Kuptein

On Tue, Aug 24, 1999 at 05:12:38PM +0200, Adrian Phillips wrote:
> This is off the top of my head (but reasonably reliable :-). The 40P
> is a 66MHz 601 based PowerPC, PCI/ISA bus, single processor only
> model. It was the first of the PCI PowerPC workstations released I
> believe (43P came out some months afterwards) - because of the 601 its
> rather slow (in comparison to the 604 based machines that came out
> soon after).

I'll buy that, since upon closer inspection, the 'P' seems to typically
indicate that it's a PCI bus system from further investigation. Still  
haven't found any full specs on it. Question remains, is the 601 gonna 
work? If the 601 is byte-for-byte assembly compatible with 603, I'd   
say definitely, but the 601 predates the 603, which leads me to believe
that there may be 603 instructions that aren't on the 601. Somebody have
a 601 or specs so they can check into this?

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