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Re: PMU_IOC_SLEEP not implemented

On Thu, Aug 19, 1999, Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com> wrote:

>Earlier it was mentioned that snooze.c from the Linux/PPC misc source
>stuff could be used to sleep a laptop under Debian.  I grabbed the
>thing and compile it, but I get the following error:
>PMU_IOC_SLEEP: Function not implemented
>This is from the ioctl call.  Not knowing a damned thing about
>drivers, I have no idea where to begin debugging.  I'll assume that it
>probably has to do with the fact that I reconfigured and recompiled
>the kernel myself.

You probably need a more recent kernel. Paul and I just added this
feature for wallstreet and lombard 1 or 2 weeks ago.

>On the subject of batteries, will the usual APM tools work for battery
>monitoring?  I doubt it since I don't appear to have a /proc/apm.  Its
>a good thing I have these little lights on the battery. :)

No, Power Management on powerbooks is not (yet) APM compliant. We still
have to finish some of the hard-core stuffs (to power up/down devices)
and then we'll look into APM.

Battery monitoring currently requires a specific tool (Batmon) which
works only on PowerBooks 3400 (eventually 2400). The PMU (the power
manager microcontroller in the powerbook) uses different commands on each
revision of the PowerBook motherboard and we didn't figure out the exact
format of the returned infos for the other machines.

>I'm going to compile 2.3.14 so I can give swsup (software suspend)
>a shot.  Wish me luck!

I don't know if Paul merged our sleep work in 2.3.x yet. Good luck with
swsup and tell us if it works ;-)

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