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PMU_IOC_SLEEP not implemented

Earlier it was mentioned that snooze.c from the Linux/PPC misc source
stuff could be used to sleep a laptop under Debian.  I grabbed the
thing and compile it, but I get the following error:

PMU_IOC_SLEEP: Function not implemented

This is from the ioctl call.  Not knowing a damned thing about
drivers, I have no idea where to begin debugging.  I'll assume that it
probably has to do with the fact that I reconfigured and recompiled
the kernel myself.

Anything obvious I'm missing?  (Wallstreet II)

On the subject of batteries, will the usual APM tools work for battery
monitoring?  I doubt it since I don't appear to have a /proc/apm.  Its
a good thing I have these little lights on the battery. :)

I'm going to compile 2.3.14 so I can give swsup (software suspend)
a shot.  Wish me luck!


Michael G Schwern                                           schwern@pobox.com

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