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Re: Phase 5 Statement on Linux for PowerPC

Darwin OS, based on Mac OSX is open source (of sorts) as well. While
it's not clear that this OS will take off as much as Linux has/is on PPC,
it probably will drive some sales.

Darwin OS probably has a reasonable chance at becoming a large player
in the "free" UNIX on PPC space. And I think I've read that they plan
to sync with FreeBSD 3.x at some stage.

Of some interest is that the core Darwin OS shares a great deal with
development of Mac OS X Server.

That means that if anyone writes for Mac OS X Server/Client, the
benfits will fall through to Darwin (as I understand it), and of course
vice-versa.  Stuff like the driver model, kernel etc, are compatible. In
fact you can now recompile a Darwin kernel and replace it into MacOS
X Server.

So..., while I'm not sure, a hardware manufacturer sort of has a better
deal now with Darwin - namely that the source code for the OS is now


> Question is indeed whether IBM would have supplied Apple with CPUs. Note
> that IBM did take revenge on Apple by canceling the contract for AIX
> on high-end Apple servers. But this last fact didn't have much press
> coverage.  >
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