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Re: Lombard [which base?]

Hi Timo,

Re: ethernet

the kernel I use is 2.2.10. Yesterday I managed to install the
Debian base via ftp, so eth works also for Debian. The  kernel
is the same I used for LinuxPPC (redhat) and was patched against
"http://www.terraplex.com/~dburcaw/bmac.patch";. Despite this,
as you can see from the other thread, the potato base is broken.

I noted that the best thing to do with the kernel is to compile
it without modules, just because when formatting the root
partition all the modules passed away. 

Another thing is the performance of the hard disk. By triggering
"hdparm -p /dev/hda" on LinuxPPC I was able to boost the transfer
rate from 3 to 7 Mb/sec. After formatting with the red hat installer,
the trick does not work anymore. However, the problem I had with
the few inodes now seems to be disappeared (I had 2G of root space,
55% full, and the system complained that there was no more space).

I am tempted to install the base you suggested, but it was 4:00am 
local time when I finished to reinstall LinuxPPC, and tomorrow I
have a flight. But I can probably do that. What is the situation
with the upgrades on top of that base? I received a message about
X11 not configuring properly (I have 8Mb and my config allows for 3Mb),
and a previous one on low performance (I use Xpmac, but is really slow).


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