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Re: Lombard [which base?]

Hi Sergio,

> You said you installed via CD, and that the ethernet is not
> working. My ethernet works on LinuxPPC.

Good! Probably a newer kernel now. I used the 2.2.6 from LinuxPPC in
mid July. And tried the patch with the 2.2.10 vger kernel source but
it didn't work (The MMU error [Kernel panic]).

> I would like to install Debian via ftp using this new kernel.
> Could you please try the patch and tell me if it works?

Sorry, can't do it soon. Unfortunately the Lombard's user is overseas
with it now in UK.

As for the base:

>> http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/potato/main/disks-powerpc/current/common/
> This version is somewhat broken (mainly perl and the dbootstrap).

I suggest the 2.1.8-1999-02-24 base2_2.tgz at:


I used that to install the Lombard G3 powerbook using apt. No problems,

If it helps, a non-updated mirror of the potato powerpc distribution
of potato as of the early morning of Jul 31st (Australian  time) is
here at:


I used it to install an iMac. Perl wasn't much of a problem then.

Good Luck,


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