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Open Firmware booting on Blue G3


I am wondering if the Debian PPC distribution is going to (or working on) supporting macos-free Open Firmware booting on a Blue G3 or iMac.

This is what I know so far about booting these machines:

OF requires what Apple calls a "bootfile" this is basically a OF script.

it is possible to boot a NetBSD kernel from a FAT, HFS, HFS+, ISO9660 filesystem, directly from OF.

I can point OF at a linux kernel (the linuxppc BlueG3 kernel) and OF will reject it. OF also rejects quik.

I think all that is required is making quik OF compliant then it can take care of booting the kernel.

is there any work on this? I hope Debian is not going to be a BootX only distribution like LinuxPPC is...

I realize that most macs have broken OF implementations, however, the BlueG3s and iMacs have a much better OF as far as i can determine, it would be great if these could be macos-free bootable.

Best Regards,
Ethan Benson
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