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Re: About PowerPC processors

> Debian on PPC is almost unheard of.  Being more public would be good :)

How can i/we do this? Working fulltime on this for nothing isn't always funny.

Debian is sometimes slow, but we do it right(TM) :-)

Debian is not -- as for an example linuxppc -- only a distribution for one 
architecture. Debian ist big, many packages and arch-types. If we fix a bug in one 
package for one arch we must often fix this bug also for the others archs (in a different way). 

Many maintainer means also many different meanings, but this is good for the best

Debian is really 'Open Source'. 

Debian/PowerPC is more or less me, but without the help from

 Joel Klecker
 Daniel Jacobowitz
 Konstantinos Margaritis
 Chris Lawrence
 Sven Luther
 Matt Porter 
 and all the non-powerpc debian maintainer   Debian/PowerPC were not at this level.

Debian ist non-profit, but sometimes i wish that someone donates me an pbook (1) (for
pcmcia testing), isdn cards, ethernet cards, more ram :-), cd-writer, more knowledge
about OF (OF books), other machines then chrp or only a set of cd-r 's. I cannot test 
usb or bootx. I'ld like to have a better setup (boot-floppies) and better support for  
the X11 configuration. But this all needs time. 

What i like to have -- for all Subarchs -- is

  - one bootloader  (quik, milo, plilo or what ever)
  - one fdisk with msdos + hfs(2) support
  - cd-rom autoboot support



(1) for a week or two

 Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Hartmut Koptein                       EMail:
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