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Re: Apple vs. IBM

I have to say, as someone who makes almost 90% of my money off AIX and Big Blue,
that while the same types of questions have always bugged me--why are Macs
cheaper when you get more?  Why is IBM so out of touch with the 43P?--I have to
give credit where it is due to IBM.  The fact of the matter is that IBM has
overpriced the 43P, but you have to remember that it's their
entry-suck-em-for-all-its-worth line of PowerPC machines.  Their larger systems,
including the marvelously scalable F50 (which IBM is porting Linux to and
including boot support for SSA as well), the H[4|5|7]0, and the Ravens (S70) are
excellent machines which compete quite reasonably (pricewise, performance is
another issue) with their high-end coutnerparts.  I don't know about everyone
else, but one of the places I would like to see Linux penetrate the most, is in
these high-end, super-scalable, enterprise grade machines.  And while Apple may
own the lower market, let's not put too many nails in IBM's coffin yet -- they
are supporting Linux now (in real life, they have paid me and my company many
times for Linux support at some of their largest customers in the US and in
Canada) and ultimately, that support is what we're all after . . .

Besides, if you want a 43P, ignore the list price, no one pays that much anyway


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