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Re: About PowerPC processors

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Hartmut Koptein wrote:

> > Debian on PPC is almost unheard of.  Being more public would be good :)
> How can i/we do this? Working fulltime on this for nothing isn't always funny.

No, no it isn't.

> Debian is sometimes slow, but we do it right(TM) :-)

As long as fixes get integrated in the package themselves.. :)
> Debian is not -- as for an example linuxppc -- only a distribution for one 
> architecture. Debian ist big, many packages and arch-types. If we fix a
> bug in one package for one arch we must often fix this bug also for the
> others archs (in a different way). 
> Many maintainer means also many different meanings, but this is good
> for the best conclusion.

This does have it's downsides as well tho.  When a problem came up when we
were doing the ref. release, we patched it and checked into our CVS.  The
process isn't quite as quick on debian.  Although when you fix a generic
bug, everybody benefits, and vice versa.

> Debian ist non-profit, but sometimes i wish that someone donates me an
> pbook (1) (for pcmcia testing), isdn cards, ethernet cards, more ram
> :-), cd-writer, more knowledge about OF (OF books), other machines then
> chrp or only a set of cd-r 's. I cannot test usb or bootx. I'ld like to
> have a better setup (boot-floppies) and better support for the X11
> configuration. But this all needs time. 

Some of this is hard to do (OF) others just take time.

> What i like to have -- for all Subarchs -- is
>   - one bootloader  (quik, milo, plilo or what ever)

This is a stickler.  All the old PCI-pmacs can boot OF, some it's just a
lot harder (rev1 and 2 beige G3s).  New machines (iMac, B&W) have a new OF
we don't quite "get" yet.   Then some PReP need PPCBUG, etc..

>   - one fdisk with msdos + hfs(2) support

This is something we'd all like to see (amiga fs support too).

>   - cd-rom autoboot support

This can be done for some machines.  The ref release CD image coudl boot
PReP machines.  New Apple machines could be OF booted off a cdrom (once we
figure it out).  No clue if this is doable on the older PCI macs.

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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