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Re: About PowerPC processors

On Tue, Aug 03, 1999 at 10:10:31AM +0200, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> IBM never intended to manufacture the LongTrail. They just did the design.
> Manufacturing was supposed to be done by UMAX and Tatung. And they didn't
> believe in Linux when Steve killed the Mac clones.

Hrm. Tatung is probably long dead, as is Umax for the most part. This presents
a problem. Maybe it would be possible to obtain the schematics and diagramming
for the LongTrail? I know a couple firms that would be willing to custom     
manufacture them for reasonable prices. Another advantage to that attack is
that I can then socket the PowerPCs and other components. :)
> If you order 10000 boards, you may be able to convince Tatung to manufacture
> them again, though (please ask Edmund Humenberger <ed@atnet.at> first!).
> Question is: are the parts still available? And then I'm thinking VLSI Golden
> Gate II and Apple/TI Hydra (or the VLSI plug-in replacement Pierxx).

Well, I garauntee you I can't afford 10k quantity. Much less use them. Well, I 
could use them in a really massive Beowulf setup mebbe.. but anyways. ;)  I'm 
fairly certain the Golden GateII is still produced; if not, it's successor 
logically should be a near-dropin replacement. VLSI's still around, so I don't
think that's the problem. Now if only we could get them to agree to lower qtys 
and cheaper prices. ;)

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