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RS/6000 PPC 604e, 43P 140


On Sat, 1 May 1999, Phillip R. Jaenke wrote:

> > Of course I've tried tens of images and tens of floppies.  Everytime it
> > hangs when it is the moment of initalizing the console...
I couldn't make boot floppyes, and I couldn't compile the linux kernel...
(in the AIX OS...)

> Serial console? GXxx card? What kind of graphics do you have in the
> machine?
Maybe it has something GTI card.

> > Now I could try to boot with TFTP (if it's possible...)
> Should be possible.
How can i do that, to boot from tftp? The machine contains a more or less
runing AIX OS... I want to delete it all, and install debian linux!

> > The CHRP kernel images I have are bigger than 1.44 Mb so... no floppy boot.
> The CHRP kernel image I'm building SHOULD be <1.44M, but no garauntees.
> ;P
What is the difference betwen CHRP, and PReP???
This machine can boot both of them?

> The 43P 140 has an ISA slot. Go find some cheezball ISA IDE controller,
I mustn't open the cover of the machine, because in this case the varanty
would be void... :( There are stupid dealers...

So, could you make a bootable CD-install-image to this machine?
In this case please put it onto an ftp server!
Because I know that this machine can boot from CD-rom. I installed AIX on
that in that way...

I have another question: What hardware contain this machine?
Because it contains SCSI card, but i don't know what type of it,etc...
I know only that about the hardware, what the AIX write me out...:(
I think all of machine like this (604e 43P 140) contains the same hardware
by default. Is it true?

Please help me!

(Again:And please make a bootable cd-install-image! I have CD-RW, so I can
re-write the CD, in that case if you fail sg.)

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