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Installation report...


Iv'e just finished the (a bit complicated) install of Debian PowerPC, on a
PowerMac 8600. I installed it on a spare Zip-disk and it's booting fine. As of
now, I boot a kernel from the LinuxPPC disk I have, but I consider changing that.
Anyway I have some problems with the system: In the startup phase it reports
something about "hwclock is unable to access i/o ports", and it can't set my
serial ports (the latter is no big problem yet, as I'm connecting to the
Internet through another Linux box).

The big question is: How can I solve this..? And if I want to move the kernel
from the LinuxPPC disk to Debian, is it then just a matter of moving it to
/boot along with the System.map, editng /etc/quik.conf and running quik...?

BTW. It seems a bit slow. Can it be the Zip disk, or....?

mvh./Best regards

  Juri Jensen
  LS Systems - Linux Server Solutions
  Linux server installation & administration
  Member of the worlds largest Linux User Group: SSLUG (www.sslug.dk)
  email: juri_j@get2net.dk/lsys@superuser.dk
  "Open Source: It's all about making software that doesn't suck!!"

                 		   --- Eric Raymond

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