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post installation tips?

Hey, I got the base tar up and running on my pb g3.  Still waiting on a nice install floppy for the chrp system however :)

Anyway, what I'm wondering as I'm a (former) redhat user is what packages I should install.

Since it doesn't install any for you, does anyone have a few suggestions?

Additionally, I'm having problems with apt.  After untarring the base2_2.tgz and rebooting, I ran:
apt-get update
followed by:
apt-get upgrade

apt (dpkg actually) seemed to have seg faulted while trying to install the bash package.  So, I tried going into /var/cache/apt/archives and running dpkg -i bash......
This also failed with the same segfault.

So, I tried running dpkg -i on libc6, which also segfaulted.

hmm, then I ran apt-get upgrade after cleaning out the directories, and I get the following error after it fetches all the packages for the update:
E: Internal Error, Couldn't configure a pre-depend

running apt-get clean does not fix the problem...

Any hits/insights?

Thanks very much,

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