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gnome stuff moved to potato ...

Hello, ...

all the gnome stuff in the gnome-staging area has been moved to potato ...

I was doing compiles for it, but dropped out of it almost a month ago now, and
never had time to work on it again, also due to the bug in the afb X server, i
was not able to test it correctly.

Due to that most stuff is very old, (most is 1.0.1, wihile 1.0.9 is current).

So please be concient about this fact when you install this stuff.

I will wait for the autobuilder to build most of the stuff he can, normally it
should work without major problems, i think, and have a look at the not-working
ones (i have more time now, at least a little ...). So Hartmutt, please inform
me about which packages don't pass the autobuilder, and i will build them by

(For the package names, they still are in the old staging area ...)

also Like said before i propose to build a new Xserver with Geert's accelerated
patches fbdev, so people can use it and test it, later we can ask the official
X maintainers to add it to the official X package ?



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