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Re: IMPORTANT : latest bash intall fails and bash is no more usable!!!

According to Konstantinos Margaritis <kmargar@cc.uoa.gr>:

> >I still don't understand while binaries in /bin are NOT
> >statically linked as the should be. Have a look at what BSD does.
> >/bin an /sbin contains statically linked binaries :-)
> I have at least 10 shells open. Unless I am greatly mistaken,
> running 10 static bash's would be quite severe on memory use.

That's right. But I didn't say to use them exclusively. A
dynamically linked bash could be provided in /usr/bin/bash and
could be used to provide user shells. But init spaw shell to
startup daemon and all, and once they are started, those shells
are no more. The other I couldn't EVEN boot my Linux box because
of a bash that segfaulted due to a bad shared library.

When it come to recover a system that for a reason or another, it
is valuable. I know that Linux is hard to crash hard (unlike most
non-UN*X system), but it is not reason to ignore this.

Betamaxed: When a technology is overtaken by an inferior, but better
marketed, techology. Ex: "Apple was betamaxed out of the market by

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