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Re: IMPORTANT : latest bash intall fails and bash is no more usable!!!

According to Benjamin Herrenschmidt <bh40@calva.net>:

> dbkg -i didn't work since it tried to spawn some bash's... Only the
> already opened consoles worked.
> I finally managed to sort this out by manually ftp'ing bash 2.0.2.xxx,
> unpacking it with dpkg-deb, and replacing the faulting bash 2.0.1.xxx
> with the new one.

I couldn't even reboot when this happened. I rebuilt a bash 2.0.2
directly from the source, and linked it *statically* to replace
the binary in /bin.

I still don't understand while binaries in /bin are NOT
statically linked as the should be. Have a look at what BSD does.
/bin an /sbin contains statically linked binaries :-)

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