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Re: IMPORTANT : latest bash intall fails and bash is no more usable!!!

On Thu, Apr 8, 1999, Konstantinos Margaritis <kmargar@cc.uoa.gr> wrote:

>Well, for one I did not use apt to install bash/readline nor dselect, I
>just did dpkg -i. From what I remember I installed readline first, and
>then bash. I really don't remember any problem occuring. As far as
>apt/dselect goes I cannot say much as I hardly ever use them, I always
>install directly with dpkg. What I need to know is if there is a problem
>with the bash/readline debs. do they work ok? if not, then by all means
>remove them! When I'll get back to my computer I'll check the
>preinst/postinst scripts to see what might be the cause of this.

One of my servers here crashed, and instead of using linuxppc R4 again, I
tried debian. took me half of the night to get it up and running. I
started a big dselect download for the rest of the night in order to get
most of the packages I need, and this morning, everything was broken,
bash just segfaults.

Note that I'm using a mirror, but which seems to be updated daily, so
there is still a problem. I don't know debian very well, so if someone
could explain me how to get this machine back working (what should I
download/replace ?). dselect doens't work any more but I still have a
shell running, and I beleive I can still ftp some stuffs.

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