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Re: installing debian ppc

At 18:00 -0500 1999-02-26, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
We might want to make BootX available on the FTP somewhere, once we
figure out how to install via it...

That's trivial. My plan is to have BootX app + kernel + ramdisk image + correct settings file on the HFS part of the CD, that way we can tell Mac people to just double-click the BootX app to start the install.

Knows someone the format for floppies/cdroms that OF can 'auto-start'? (format
of the bootsector/MBR)

I don't think you can make a floppy actually bootable.  What we do on
the powermac side involves an HFS floppy and an XCOFF boot image.

You can actually, the NetBSD/macppc folks have raw disk images that pmac OF can boot from with "boot fd:0".
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