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Re: installing debian ppc

> Is there a faq or a howto or some other resource I can find on how to
> install debian ppc? Thank you.

Not yet, sorry. First the boot-floppies must work. After this i know (hopefully)
how to setup the different powerpc subarchs. But i need also testers!!! 
Currently one for pmac and one for prep. Did the kernel-image-xxxx-pmac and
kernel-image-xxxx-prep work for you? Please report anything that is missing --
in the kernel and for the modules. 

Second request: does someone know how to write unix files in 'rawmode' for
to pmac floppies (on pmac)?  Prep uses msdos?

Has somone tested BootX? OF on pmac can't boot elf-images, it will have the coff
format? How is it on prep (ppcbug)? Booting with floppy is crasy :-( 
Tftp/bootp (netboot) should be much easier, but not everyone has an second computer. 

The quik package is available in the next days (need also testing). Have we other
'lilos' ?  What about milo? 

Knows someone the format for floppies/cdroms that OF can 'auto-start'? (format
of the bootsector/MBR)



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