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Re: installing debian ppc

At 00:33 +0100 1999-02-27, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
Second request: does someone know how to write unix files in 'rawmode' for
to pmac floppies (on pmac)?  Prep uses msdos?

On pmac it is easier to use the kernel image with embedded initrd image. That can just be copied onto a HFS formatted floppy. That image can also be used for netbooting.

Has somone tested BootX?

I have tested BootX with a ramdisk.image.gz built by the boot-floppies, dinstall/dbootstrap had problems at the time so it didn't work too well.

OF on pmac can't boot elf-images, it will have the coff format?

Besides the iMac and the "Blue and White" Power Macintosh G3, that is correct. binutils supports it as the "xcoff-powermac" output format, but powerpc-*-linux-gnu targets don't get support for that format by default (the kernel source uses a `hack-coff' program to convert "aixcoff-rs6000" format to "xcoff-powermac" format). It is a quite simple matter to get binutils to support "xcoff-powermac" for powerpc-*-linux-gnu targets, basically a one-liner patch.

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