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Re: libstdc++.so.2.8 - any chance to get this?

On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, Hartmut Koptein wrote:

> > Netscape for mklinux needs this library. Is it possible to have it besides the
> > libstdc++.so.2.9 that is installed in Debian/PPC? There doesn't seem to be
> > another version of Netscape that runs with the newer lib, I think that 2.9
> > came with GLIBC2.1, right?
> Good question, dunno! We hope, that we get mozilla running. Then we have it better
> under control. 

Yes, you can.  lppc R5 has/will have a fix961212'ed libstdc++.so.2.8, so
if you run fix961212 on a netscape binary, it should work (turn off
java/java script).  I know it works for a few people.

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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