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Re: missing packages

On Thu, Feb 25, 1999 at 07:39:30AM +0000, Georg Bauer wrote:
> In article <19990224215435.C4044@plukwa.pdi.net>, Robert Ramiega wrote:
> I could make a place at our server. Try how good your connections are to
> ftp.westfalen.de (in /homepages/hugo/debian there are some files from me, for
 It doesn't matter that much how good is Your connection from my point of view
( i know that it'll be poor nomatter how fast You are connected). 
> keyboard layout). If the accessibility is acceptable, I could set up an area
> where you could dump files to (or set up a mirror there).
 I believe that Germany generally has good international conectivity so if You
could be so kind to setup a mirror (either perl one or by using fmirror) that
wooudl be great (sorry but on Sunday morning i'm flying to Clevelenad,US and
have a few things to clear before i leave). I think that on Monday evening i
should be back on Net (but still a few miles away from plukwa) and at that
time i'll be able to assist You.

 Robert Ramiega   | robert@pdi.net    IRC: _Jedi_ | Don't underestimate 
 IT Manager @ PDi | http://plukwa.pdi.net/        | the power of Source

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