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contemplating G3 purchase

Hi. I've been mostly lurking here for a while; I have a 
Motorola Starmax at work, and while it formerly had
MkLinux on it, it currently only has the MacOS. There's
plenty of space on the HD on unallocated partitions, though.

I have several questions:

* If I were to try to install Debian Linux, what would be
the optimum partition setup, and would it be possible
for me to change my current partition setup without
affecting the Mac side of the drive?

* I am also contemplating the purchase of an Apple
G3, specifically, one of the new "Blue" G3's, also known
as Yosemite machines. I need a home machine that will
run the CAD software I use at work, but I also have
currently a home linux machine (an older Pentium).
I was hoping to bring it to work, perhaps, to have
a linux machine there, but this would only be a good
thing to do if I had Linux at home, and could get my fix

Does ppc-debian currently support the G3 machines?

If it doesn't, how involved do you think the port would be?

Just for the sake of argument, suppose I had it running; how
good would the X11 support be? I think there are two or three
different options to providing X11 support on any particular
Mac machine: regular XFree for the graphics card, XFree going
through the frame buffer, and XPmac. Which is best? Will
there be significant work getting the X port working in the
first place, or will the driver for the 64 bit version of the
card be compatible?

Phil Fraering

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