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Re: missing packages

On Tue, Feb 23, 1999 at 10:15:07PM +0000, Georg Bauer wrote:
> In article <19990223221347.A3072@plukwa.pdi.net>, Robert Ramiega wrote:
> > Just get debian sources and make packages by Yourself (this is not arch
> >dependant packacge i suppose it is just set of Perl pod files or smething like
> >that)
> Sure, I can build all packages myself. But the question was more where those
> missing packages are, not how to get what's missing ;-)
 Well i was also trying to suggest to see if those packages are in binary-all
dir (normally ther should be a link from binary-arch but it might be missing)
> > Have a look at ftp://plukwa.pdi.net/pub/debian-NONUS
> Yeah. Found it. Awfull slow, though (at least from here - .de)
 Yep. Backbone i'm connected to is connected to TeleGlobe in USA. After Peter
(who is hosting valinor.nws.net) will give me account there i'll upload them
to his site (so anyone can choose the fastest). BTW if someone from developers
of Debian/PPC has anything against 'my' packages i;ll remove them 

I;m just browsing throu the docs about making packages and ihave one question:
 In the debs there is filed called maintainer. Am i correct in thinking that
this point to *source* maintaner?

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