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Re: Help: System broken

On Mon, Feb 1, 1999, Manuel Sickert <manuel.sickert@curie.fr> wrote:

>today I tried to compile and install a new kernel
>(kernel source debian package 2.1.125). Compilation
>worked fine, then I put the new vmlinux file in my Mac's
>system folder (replacing the old vmlinux file there).
>Rebooting using BootX failed, leaving me in front of a
>entirely dark screen.
>Thinking this might be due to the fact that I didn't recompile the
>modules I reinstalled the old kernel booted Linux and did a
>"make modules" and a "make modules_install". No errors occured.
>Now, trying to boot with the new kernel fails again and even worse,
>even booting with the old kernel is impossible.
>What went wrong? Is there a possibility to reinstall the old modules?

The machine check looks like bad modules. You should try a newer kernel
with BootX anyway. I suggest you use kernels retreived from
linuxppc.cs.nmt.edu by ftp. This site is not specific to any distribution
and kernels here are snapshots of the vger source tree (main source tree
for linux-ppc) with all the latest fixes.

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