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Re: Assorted bugs

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Randy Gobbel wrote:
> --In X, the backspace key doesn't work in emacs--just produces a beep.
> --ssh postinst dies with a missing symbol in libgmp2.

That is a problem that first made me to get libgmp2 and try to build it...
I have made a binary that works, but I compiled out ppc assembly stuff (it
was badly formatted) and made a generic version. It works for me, but is
not that fast. It's in http://www.uoa.gr/~kmargar/debian. It's only
temporary until a proper version comes out.

I did not file a bug report for this because I fixed it a month ago and I
did not know how to do this proper. I will probably some day now, but
won't send the patch, the ppc assembly stuff probably works, but I don't
know how to fix it.

Konstantinos Margaritis

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