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Re: i just compiled gtk1.1.5 and glib1.1.5 packages.

On Mon, Dec 07, 1998 at 05:54:22PM +0100, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> actually this was the first package i ever uploaded ... hope i did things right
> (i followed the documetnation found in the developpper corner web page, or at
>  least some of it ..)

Looks right from what I can see.

> ok i did the packages because i needed them, and also to test all of this,
> dbild, how to upload packages and so on ...
> actually the package is not broken, it is only that the .orig.tar.gz contained
> a directory who was not correctly named as packagename-version. i think this is
> because the upstream maintainer changed the package name without changing the
> .orig.tar.gz. i guess i should fill a bug against the package.

That should not make a difference.  The whole point is you never change
the .orig.tar.gz.

> > > Also i was said there is a place where we can make reservation for compiling
> > > not yet available for powerpc packages ? where is it ? how do i use it ?
> > 
> > Not really, yet, but there may be soon - courtesy of dbuild which I
> > still don't know how to use.
> nice, ...
> as for dbuild, i played with it a lot this weekend before being able to use it
> ...
> it goes like this :
> dbuild -v -p -r sudo(or whatever) package.dsc
> and it builds the package ...
> but first you have to put your pgp passphrase into the PGPPASS variable, not
> the nicest thing around ...

I believe we're talking about different dbuilds, but I could be

> how do you actually use pgp ? there are two packages, pgp-i and pgp-us. both
> providing executables like their name, but no pgp binary. i had to do a symlink
> to one of them ...

The postinst should create the symlink.  If it doesn't, you may  have a
broken /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives directory, courtesy of one of
Hartmut's broken base tarballs.


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