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i just compiled gtk1.1.5 and glib1.1.5 packages.

Hello, ...

This weekend i compiled both the libglib1.1.5 and libgtk1.1.5 packages for

i have them here now, what do i do with them, do i just upload them to
incoming ? incoming where ?

Also there was some problem with the libglib1.1.5 source package, since the
.orig.tar.gz tarball contained glib-1.1.5, and no glib1.1.5-1.1.5 as expected
by the .dsc file, so i had to fix it by hand. i will fill a bug against it. Is
it ok to upload the package ?

Also i was said there is a place where we can make reservation for compiling
not yet available for powerpc packages ? where is it ? how do i use it ?



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