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Re: PowerPC Base Files

> > is not possible, because the /etc/fstab doesn't exist and also for e.p. quik
> > doesn't know from where it should boot.
> > 
> huh? maybe i don't understand what you are trying to say, but
> untarring to hard disk and starting _is_ possible. i've done twice
> now, once on my desktop and once on somebody's laptop. let me try to
> explain what i did:

Right, but this was not the point. You cannot untar the base.tar.gz to
an empty partition, reset the system and start the system. To do this,
you should have edit the /etc/fstab, installing quik for powermacs or
have a boot-floppy or an other possible way is tftpbooting.

And how to do this with an prep system or apus or mbx?  

The easiest way is always to use boot-floppies or for the future also from
cdrom. But powermac can only read hfs, chrp can read msdos, hfs or ntfs ...

quik on prep isn't possible, what about to use silo/milo on this system?

The base-floppy-images are ext2 images. The not available boot-floppies
could (will) handle this easily. 

Is bootx gpl free? What about to use open-firmware directly ...
If i know it correct: bootx needs macos !?

If one has more computers it is easy to set it up, but not all have two, three
or more computers. BTW: one easy setup is: put the hd from one computer to the
other :-)  (not all have ethernet cards).



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