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Re: ddd 3.0

[Courtesy copy of Usenet posting]
[Please Cc; I'm not a regular reader of comp.os.linux.powerpc or subscriber
to debian-powerpc]

Jean-Philippe Combe <combe@lmt.ens-cachan.fr> wrote:
>I 'm very intrested in getting ddd 3.0 (a visual debugger based on gdb) on
>my LinuxPPC's box.
>However I haven't been able to compile the tar ball;-((

You're not exactly proving a lot of details, so I have no idea whether
I encountered the same problem.

I've tried building DDD on powerpc.debian.org, and ran into a conflict over
ioctl. I've patched it thusly:

--- ddd-3.0/ddd/TTYAgent.C      Tue May 12 09:50:28 1998
+++ ../ddd-3.0/ddd/TTYAgent.C   Thu Oct 15 12:34:42 1998
@@ -161,7 +161,11 @@
     int tcsetpgrp(int fd, pid_t pgid);
 #if HAVE_IOCTL && !HAVE_IOCTL_DECL && !defined(ioctl)
+#  if defined(linux) && defined(powerpc)
+    int ioctl(int fd, unsigned long int request, ...);
+#  else
     int ioctl(int fd, int request, ...);
+#  endif
 #if HAVE_FCNTL && !HAVE_FCNTL_DECL && !defined(fcntl)
     int fcntl(int fd, int command, ...);

which allows me to compile it (Debian GNU/Linux unstable, libc6 2.0.95-1.1).
I'm sure this there's a better way of doing it, but I wouldn't know. I

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