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Re: Where could I find a boot floppy image?

On Thu, 10 Sep 1998, Craig R. Sadler wrote:

>  Ok, that sounds like you haven't specified the correct path to the archive,
> either on your local disk, or the remote ftp site.
I did. It downloads to files, (hdlist and comp.pmac or something like
that) and then it asks me to select the software to install. And then to
select the root partition. A THEN it gives me the error message.
>  http://linuxppc.org/help/install_help/pmac_install.html
I've read it. 
>  Please don't be in a hurry, this is only a very low hurdle compared to others 
> that will come with working with a new port. You will probably have to get 
> linuxPPC installed properly, before you'll get Debian going.
> Think of it as an entrance exam, without a deadline.  :)
I was trying for three hours. My problem is that I can't get into the OF
directly, using the Option-Command-O-F keys. Does anybody know about other
key combinations (PPC 5400/180)?


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