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Re: Where could I find a boot floppy image?

On Thu, Sep 10, 1998 at 08:24:31PM -0600, Tamas Papp wrote:
> I tried linuxppc installer.coff.img but no matter what do it always exits
> abnormally, complaining about the RPM database (not found or something

 Ok, that sounds like you haven't specified the correct path to the archive,
either on your local disk, or the remote ftp site.

 This from the linuxppc install help:

 When you are asked to specify the path to the directory containing the Red Hat 
distribution, give the name of the directory *containing* the RedHat directory. 
For example, if you are doing an FTP install from ftp.linuxppc.org, this would 
be "/". If the RedHat directory is on a MacOS partition on a local hard disk, 
the naming convention is slightly counter-intuitive. Suppose the MacOS partition 
(volume) is called "Macintosh HD". If the RedHat folder is in the Macintosh HD 
folder, the path is "/", but if the RedHat folder is on the desktop, the path is 
"/Desktop Folder". 


 Please don't be in a hurry, this is only a very low hurdle compared to others 
that will come with working with a new port. You will probably have to get 
linuxPPC installed properly, before you'll get Debian going.

 Think of it as an entrance exam, without a deadline.  :)

 It really helped me to have both MacOS and linuxPPC available to get the base 
tarball to boot.

Good luck

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