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Re: install on IBM PPC 604e

> I'd like to install Debian/ppc on an IBM PPC 604e machine (200mhz, 64m
> ram, scsi, floppy, cdrom).
> Currently there's an AIX 4.2.1 running on it with journal fs.
> My first problem is booting linux kernel from openfirmware prompt. I have
> an msdos format floppy with a ppc kernel called zimage on it. I issue the
> "boot fd:zimage root=/dev/nfs" command (I have a i386 Debian bootp/nfs
> server). The system loads something from the floppy and the prompt
> reappears.

Which kernel version, where did you get this zImage, vendor type of your
ethernet card, are you sure that your /tftpboot is correct on your i386 system,
output from OF on startup, have you the tarball for powerpc, ...  ?



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