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install on IBM PPC 604e


I'd like to install Debian/ppc on an IBM PPC 604e machine (200mhz, 64m
ram, scsi, floppy, cdrom).
Currently there's an AIX 4.2.1 running on it with journal fs.

My first problem is booting linux kernel from openfirmware prompt. I have
an msdos format floppy with a ppc kernel called zimage on it. I issue the
"boot fd:zimage root=/dev/nfs" command (I have a i386 Debian bootp/nfs
server). The system loads something from the floppy and the prompt
reappears. The same happens with "boot net".
I've checked www.linuxppc.org and Joey's homepage also, but couldn't find
anything about it :(
I don't know this architecture, so please be verbose.


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